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After a glorious morning whilst many of us were in work the black clouds started to gather throughout the day just ready to produce a hailstorm and near freezing conditions for the 25th Anniversary of the Jack Bloor Fell Race. With a great turnout of 220 senior runners, it was also good to see so many juniors also racing before our race set off, which shows how the race has developed over the years. We all laughed off the big white hail stones falling from the black clouds overhead. On our way over IIlkley Moor we were tramping over settled hail, I had thankfully choosed to wear hat, gloves AND my Puma windproof, all on a May evening. Not knowing the route but having a knowledge of the moor as I had trained on it with training partners in the past I knew landmarks but not the lines to take in between. I followed those in front and did choose to follow the wrong peole on some occasions gaining in some places but losing positions in others. It was a great race, well supported and my appreciation goes out to all those who helped on and before the night, sitting out on the moor waiting for all the runners to come through each checkpoint in cold conditions. To come through the finish funnel and receive a bottle of home brewed beer was a nice surprise! I wasnt aware of my time until a little while after the race but was surprised if not happy to hear I had broken the 15 year old record of Lucy Wrights, racing with the guys is always good because there is always someone around you so you can never give up trying.

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