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The hills felt absolutely unbearable (after zero hill training) and I was very very close to dropping out on a couple of occasions - felt so sick.
Hung on during the flats/downhills though and kept on battling till the end.

Led up the first hill (stupidly) then got overtaken at Badger stone, followed the group of 4 ahead of me down to Swastika stone, then they dropped me up the hill to Cowpers cross (so much pain).
Then followed Chris on the correct route choice (right) to the trig point so we both pulled ages on the other 3 guys, so across the marsh to the ruin was Chris in the lead about 150m ahead of me, then another 50m to the other guys (gaining on me).
Put the guns on when I hit the ruin and gained a lot of ground on Chris going down the steps (very very slippery in the pouring rain). Arrived at the last point together then I creamed him on the last descent to the finish - pretty dangerous really, but body still in tact. Grand.

Free beer, Senior Trophy, Arthur Dolphin U23 Trophy, Anniversary Trophy, free book, free DVD. Coooool.
Won in 39.42 ahead of Chris Birchall in 39.54

I'll be running this again.

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