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1994 Results

1J Logue Horwich45.08
2R Skelton Ilkley Coll45.14
3G Hull Leeds City45.14
4G Hawkins Ilkley Coll45.15
5D Woodhead Horwich45.16
6P Davis Leeds Univ45.22
7R Copt Nidd Valley45.30
8B Stevenson Pud & Bram 45.46
9R Hamilton Ilkley H46.11
10R Lawrence Bingley46.15
11P Briscoe Valley S46.18
12M Pattinson RAF46.23
13K Bowers Horsforth H46.30
14L WrightLLeeds Univ46.50
15A Robertshaw Otley47.17
16M Baldwin Ilkley H47.22
17G Hill Ilkley Coll47.28
18J Brook Bingley47.31
19R Crossland Bradford & A 47.32
20A Dugdale Clayton 47.33
21M ListerVHarrogate47.37
22C Smith Eccleshill47.44
23D Healey Fellandale48.03
24D Abbey Bingley48.04
25R Falls Fellandale 48.06
26P Targett Clayton48.07
27S SmithV Ripon48.16
28T ThornleyVIlkley H48.17
29M Nutter Clayton48.31
30P LiveseySVAire48.53
31P BramhamVCraven48.55
32B Ramsay Nidd Valley49.02
33S RowellLPud & Bram49.43
34J ButterfieldVHorsforth H49.52
35A Haynes Ilkley Coll50.55
36A JuddVFellandale50.56
37C McIlreavy Leeds City 51.01
38S PattisonVU/A51.02
39K RobinsonVBingley51.22
40J Smith Calder V51.32
41M Smith Bingley51.39
42J CrummettVCFR51.46
43J Connor VIlkely H51.47
44R Pawson VIlkley H51.48
45J Bale U/A51.49
46B Heally Nidd Valley51.52
47W Hensman CLARO51.52
48M HorsfallVDenby Dale 51.52
49D Jenkins U/A52.16
50T Thackwray VRipon 52.17
51P BatesVLeeds City52.19
52G EasterVSt Bedes52.23
53J Brown Pud & Bram52.23
54P Whelan U/A52.25
55N DenbyVDenby Dale52.30
56S Crossley Ilkley H52.33
57K WilbyVFellandale 52.36
58P Cubbon Otley52.42
59D AckroydV Ilkley H52.44
60H AtkinsonV Bingley52.48
61R Sunley U/A52.52
62S Lightowler Holmfirth52.55
63M Phillips U/A52.59
64G WebsterSVValley S53.09
65G HowardSVIlkley H53.14
66P Stevens U/A53.21
67S Jakeman Leeds City 53.25
68N BlackburnVIlkley H53.26
69M Calvert Leeds MU55.27
70K HornVLeeds City55.33
71B McGrogan-VValley S55.41
72J Wilkinson Calder V55.42
73G Spencer Calder V55.44
74S Cavell  Calder55.46
75U Nattached U/A55.46
76P BraysonvU/A55.46
77W WadeSVHolmfirth55.53
78T TruemanVU/A55.54
79D HillVSkyrac55.56
80M FordVBingley55.57
81C Ainsworth U/A55.58
82A Firth Clayton55.58
83J Cubbon Otley55.59
84G Collinson SV Fellandale 56.03
85S WatsonLVVally S56.03
86R KerSVAire56.06
87M Roundhill Eccleshill56.09
88M Clarkson Leeds Univ56.12
89D Ballantine U/A56.15
90A Cutts Longwood56.49
91R ShawSVEPOC56.59
92G KnightSVHarrogate 56.59
93K WoodardVNidd Valley57.27
94C Wicks Abbey R57.34
95C HardyVAire 57.53
96C Newstead Aire57.55
97M PadfieldSV Dewsbury R58.03
98L BallIV Valley s58.21
99T TargettVClayton58.22
100D ClarkeVU/A58.26
101P Hirst Ilkley H58.35
102D Gill Denby Dale58.41
103L AtkinLU/A58.50
104K DickinsonVU/A58.51
105E MorleyVNidd Valley58.56
106J TiffanySVNidd Valley59.01
107D Maddox Denby Dale59.06
108I HillVAire59.06
109J Forsyth U/A59.07
110D HodgsonXVFellandale59.28
111E HoareSVClayton59.41
112J CapenhurstSVBingley59.52
113P HeyVLeeds Post59.58
114B HoltSVU/A60.00
115A SykesVAire60.06
116P HelliwellVBingley60.11
117J WhalleyVClayton60.11
118M Brough Gritstone60.12
119N StarkeyVLancs & More60.38
120N Brown U/A60.56
121T FosterSVValley S60.59
122A Garrett Aire Tri61.05
123P WestSVU/A61.30
124C RobertsLVCalder V61.31
125R HeatonLHorsforth63.35
126M AskeyVAIRE63.55
127B Perace Salford64.29
128H CrosslandSVFellandale64.35
129M AytonLNidd Valley65.04
130U Nattached U/A65.07
131D Stockdale Denby Dale65.20
132J HowardLV U/A65.48
133E DenbyLVDenby Dale66.49
134C BurdenV AIRE66.10
135H BloorLVDark Peak66.28
136R CuttsSVLongwood66.29
137J ThompsonLLeed MU66.42
138D Brettie Leeds Univ66.42
139A WoodardLNidd Valley67.09
140C WoodardLNidd Valley69.11
141R Picklessv U/A69.14
142H AclanVIlkley H69.22
143W TannahillVDewsbury71.04
144N WildeLHorsforth72.49
145G LittleVHorsforth72.49
146R BlackburnIVIlkley H73.42
147M Harby Nidd Valley73.52
148T BriggsLClayton81.56
149J HensmanLCLARO81.57
150L HensmanIV CLARO81.59
151B ThompsonXW AIRE82.26

1Ilkley College (2,4,17) 23 
2Bingley Harriers (10,18,24) 52 
3Ilkley Harriers (9,16,28) 53 
1A BurnettU17Leeds City12.28
2D WilbyU17Fellandale12.30
3T Van RossumU14AIRE14.42
4R HensmanU14CLARO14.50
5M TannahillU17Dewsbury RR16.06
6E HardyLU1AIRE17.47

The Organiser Says:-

Congratulations to all, especially those for whom this is their one fell race outing of the year. An outstanding result for Lucy Wright, getting within within 2 minutes of an overall win! How about that, Grits? Ilkley College are obviously a team to be reckoned with these days. The new course was well received and looks like being adopted for the foreseeable future; less path running and no need for the 'tail-enders' to carry torches A quick tot up shows receipts of £383 and race expenses of £105 (prizes, orange, spare numbers), leaving us with £278 to go to the Fund. Since last year's race we have given out £325 in grants, so please spread the word and keep coming and supporting us. Many thanks to Terry Lonergan for the first team prizes and to all our helpers who turn the race into a social event as well, especially the Gritsone Club for their fieldwork and all the admin. team who enabled the prizegiving to take place EARLY! Lastly also many thanks to Ilkley College for their hospitality and all facilities.

Sue Courchee

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