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1992 Results

1G Hull Leeds City49.52
2J Parker Ilkley H49.54
3T Byrne Bristol AC51.32
4R Hamilton Ilkley H53.53
5M Jubb Dark Peak54.29
6S Cock Leeds City54.42
7G Damiani Spenborough54.52
8R Herries Hunters BT55.10
9D Woodhead Horwich RMI55.18
10J Butler Keighley RR55.23
11T Taylor Rossendale55.55
12P McHugh Newton Aycl.55.57
13K Taylor V Rossendale 56.30
14B Hilton V Leeds City56.31
15H Dowdell CLARO57.05
16M Baldwin Ilkley H57.12
17R Pallister Pudsey & B57.41
18J Sage Ilkley H58.04
19A Miller Longwood58.05
20D Waddington Clayton58.18
21j Blackett UA58.19
22A Life Clayton58.43
23S Cockerham Ilkley H58.44
24R HaighVIlkley H58.55
25M Barrett UA58.57
26C Bottomley Keighley HR58.58
27S Little Bingley H59.11
28P LiveseyVAirienteers59.14
29P Elsmore Morpeth H59.38
30B Miller Harrogate AC59.51
31R Griffiths Holmfirth H59.53
32P Davis Leeds Univ59.56
33R Futrell V Holmfirth H 59.57
34J Hemsley  Ilkley H 59.59
35P Bramham V Craven FR 60.00
36G Young V Wigginton 60.21
37J Connor V Ilkley H 60.23
38T Thornley V Ilkley H 61.02
39P Bates V Leeds City61.17
40J Baker V East Hull61.20
41D Lewis  UA61.21
42K Horn V Leeds City62.08
43A Judd V Fellandale62.19
44I Marshall Airienteers 62.20
45K Boyter  Ilkley H62.42
46G Howard V Ilkley H 63.33
47K HopkinsonV Keighley HR63.38
48M Prior Fellandale63.39
49J EdwardsV Bradford A63.41
50P EllisV Ilkley H63.44
51S RobinsonV Denby Dale 63.50
52K Delaney  Bury AC63.53
53R Shaw SV EPOC63.53
54A WoodV Airienteers 63.54
55P BatesV Scarborough 64.03
56M Calvert  Leeds City 64.10
57C MarsdenV UA64.11
58M HindVNidd Valley 64.12
59P Waghorn RRC64.15
60J EllisV Ilkley P.64.48
61T SharpeV Denby Dale65.41
62T TruemanV Craven FR66.04
63T Critchlow UA66.04
64P JacksonV Todmorden66.08
65G DraperV Bingley H 66.36
66T Cock SV Leeds City 66.43
67R Falls UA 67.27
68P Simmons Ilkley H 67.41
69B McGrogan V UA 67.57
70D HirdVKeighley HR68.02
71A Cutts Longwood68.05
72N Jones BAOC68.10
73D Hickman Airienteers68.19
74R James LUOC68.23
75J PageVHolmfirth H68.30
76V WadeSVHolmfirth H68.34
77M Goodyer UA68.36
78G BreezeVSkyrac68.49
79M Coffey Bingley H 68.52
80T RobertsV Airienteers68.56
81K PeartSV Gritstone69.02
82P Chappell Ilkley H69.05
83P Morris Keighley HR69.22
84M SmithL UA69.23
85P ThackrayV UA69.36
86R Thackray UA69.37
87G Hughes UA69.41
88P RobertsV Holmfirth H69.59
89D Tootell UA70.02
90M LomasV Achille Ratti70.36
91R CuttsSV Longwood70.56
92P WestSV UA71.06
93J AdamsonV Ilkley H71.14
94L BallIV Valley Strid71.56
95G Ellement LUOC72.06
96J TiffanySV Nidd Valley72.11
97J Lochhead IV Denby Dale 73.41
98J Gow UA74.02
99M East Rowntrees74.20
100K TonerVKeighley HR74.31
101P GreenVDenby Dale74.54
102G HensmanVCLARO75.15
103B Leathley XV Clayton75.17
104R SmithV UA76.24
105R ShackletonV  Ilkley H76.30
106S WaltonV Longwood76.32
107K Mitchell SV Rotherham H76.50
108M O'Reilly Leeds Univ77.33
109P BuckleyV Keighley HR79.33
110C BurdenV Airienteers80.54
111J ManningL No Hopers81.23
112L PottertonLV CLARO81.45
113R GoochLV Ilkley H82.25
114K Haddow Carnethy HR82.25
115S Armitage V Keighley HR 84.50
116J WhalleyV Clayton84.57
117S Sanderson L  No Hopers85.38
118M HolmanL No Hopers85.38
119J MasonSV Airienteers86.08
120R BlackburnLV  Ilkley H87.17
121B Thompson XV Airienteers93.24
Retired: M Fisher UA   
N UnsworthIlkley H   

1Leeds City AC(1, 6, 14)  
2Ilkley Harriers(2, 4, 16)  
3Airienteers(28, 44, 54)  
4Holmfirth Harriers (31, 33, 75)  
5Keighley Hill Runneis(26, 47, 70)  
6Clayton-le-Moor H(20, 22, 103)  
7Bingley Harriers(27, 65, 79)  
8Longwood Harriers(19, 71, 91)  
9Leeds University(32, 74, 108)  
10CLARO(15, 102, 112)  
1R Ashdown Keighley HR11.52
2D VilbyU14Fellandale12.15
3A BurnettU14Keighley HR12.32
4H Lunn Leeds City12.38
5M Hird Keighley HR 14.18
6A PhilpottsU14Keighley HR14.29
7I AtkinsonU14Airienteers14.47
8G HirdU14Keighley HR15.21
9L PicklesLKeighley HR15.26
10R HensmanU14CLARO15.27
11J FarrowU14UA17.58
12J McHughU14Newton Aycl18.31
13D McHughLNewton Aycl 21.53
Another beautiful afternoon and again a good atmosphere, even in the finish funnel! A splendid run by James Parker and Greg Hull, who knocked almost two minutes off the record. Some excellent performances in the junior race too.
What a marvellous surprise when Ilkley Harriers said they were giving us £250 for the FtL-id; more money to give to young people to go off on expeditions to all parts of the world. Thankyou John and James, all members of the club and the people of Ilkley. Many thanks also to Terry Lonergan (the Complete Runner) for donating the team prizes, for which there was strong competition.
In response to local demand, and in the hope of even more competitors next year, we have decided to go for an evening race, over the same courses, in 1993. We are looking at a Tuesday, probably in mid-May. Look in the FRA Calendar and bring all your club for their evening hard training night. Thankyou all for your support and we hope to see you next year.
Sue C.

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