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1991 Results

Long Senior Race
1J Parker  Ilkley H51.52
2G Hull  Leeds C53.37
3S Livesey  Rossendale54.44
4R Pallister  Pud & Bram56.04
5M Falgate  Pud & Bram56.06
6S Harlow Horwich56.10
7G Watson Macclesfield 56.16
8D Thompson  Calder V57.22
9R Bloor Manchester 57.30
10K O'HaraV Leeds C57.36
11D Whitehead Bingley H57.37
12D QuinlanV Bingley H58.06
13J ConnorV Ilkley H58.51
14R Hamilton Dark Peak58.53
15T Griffin East Hull59.00
16G LittleV Bingley R59.32
17H Jeffrey Valley S60.26
18R FutrellV Holmfirth60.27
19S Harradine Tadcaster60.32
20M Garratt Mandale60.54
21J Sage Ilkley H61.02
22V Skelly Horwich61.19
23A Coulthard Airienteers61.39
24M Brady Clayton61.45
25i Marshall Airienteers61.48
26W Brown Dewsbury61.57
27P FurnessV Valley S61.58
28S RobinsonV Denby Dale62.04
29i ScuffinsV Skyrac62.07
30J CalvertV Clayton62.10
31A Schofield Rossendale62.16
32K RobinsonV Bingley H 62.23
33R HaighV Ilkley H62.29
34M Fisher Mandale62.45
35S Wolstenholme  Bradford62.46
36P BramhamV Craven FR63.08
37G HowardV Ilkley H63.11
38A Hunt U/A63.37
39J Hemsley  Leeds Poly63.38
40J Baker V East Hull64.08
41Y Hague L Pud & Bram 64.09
42M Williams Ilkley H64.25
43W WadeSV Holmfirth64.49
44K Boyter Ilkley H64.50
45i Elsmore Morpeth65.04
46M ColesSV Skyrac65.26
47i uaplhurstSV Bingley H65.43
48M HindV Nidd Valley65.49
49F KewV Craven FR 66.05
50P Bates Leeds C66.10
51S St.JohnVValley S66.30
52T TargettVClayton66.31
53M East Rowntrees66.42
54P Turpin Airienteers66.43
55P BraysonVSkyrac66.45
56M Prior U/A66.46
57R Benn Calder V66.47
58B Healey Nidd Valley66.54
59D HirdVKeighley HR67.39
60J Varley Fellandale67.40
61N HarrisVNorthern Vets67.45
62R Lockwood U/A 68.19
63W HumphreysVNidd Valley68.23
64J Hutchinson VLeeds Post68.24
65G Spencer Calder V68.56
66C John Airienteers69.13
67G HaleLMandale69.28
68S Cavell Calder V69.37
69A DanielsSVAchille Ratti 69.40
70G Maud Fellandale70.45
71P Simmons U/A70.56
72D Hickman Airienteers71.01
73E Morley Nidd Valley 71.04
74T BuyV Rowntrees71.05
75G Read Rochdale71.13
76J Wilkinson Calder V71.20
77R Shackleton V Ilkley H71.45
78N Shotter Fellandale71.50
79J CollyerV Halstead RR72.07
80G BreezeV Skyrac72.21
81S Crook Red Rose R72.47
82P HanksV U/A72.48
83K WilbyV Fellandale72.51
84L BagshawV Bingley H73.03
85D LightV LDWA73.09
86A Cutts Longwood73.22
87P Dugdale U/A73.34
88M LomasV Achille Ratti 74.09
89J LochheadLVDenby Dale74.10
90A Auton Calder V74.13
91A Clough Red Rose R74.17
92B McGroganVU/A 74.20
93i Wilson Centre Pacers74.47
94R SmithV U/A74.54
95G TweddleL Mandale76.29
96JTiffanyV Nidd Valley76.36
97JShotterL Fellandale76.38
98E Zuiagzne U/A76.40
99R CuttsSV Longwood 77.08
100D ParkeV Plaxtons77.25
101C KenyonLFellandale78.24
102R Kelly Valley S78.27
103A Dugdale U/A79.38
104i Hamilton RAF Cosford79.59
105T FosterSVValley S80.03
106R King Airienteers81.16
107P Chappel Ilkley H82.16
108K HolmesLU/A82.44
109A Spencer U/A82.47
110K Haddow Carnethy83.21
111K TaylorLVClayton83.27
112N Owens U/A85.01
113J UmblebyVValley S85.13
114J CollyerLVIpswich H85.18
115J HowardLVAirecentre87.15
116D Cattanach FRA90.26
117R GoochLVIlkley H91.26
118B ThompsonSVAirienteers96.01
119S McQuadeLU/A96.04
Retired or incomplete
 P Clarke Bingley 
 C BurdenVAirienteers 
 R Blackburn LV Ilkley H 
 A Monk Nidd Valley 
 J Greenwood  Halifax 
Short Senior Race
1K Whalley SVAirienteers46.45
2T Hird L Keighley HR50.08
3F Ross Airienteers 50.10
4L Johnson L Airienteers 52.30
5D Smith VAirienteers 52.30
6J Gilbank  Airienteers 55.18
Retired or incomplete
 M Moorhouse  Salford H 
 M Warren Ind 
Junior Race
1Richard Moss Bingley H10.59
2Jon Smith Calder V11.00
3Gareth HirdSJKeighley HR26.17
4Ria TurpinLSJAirienteers26.23
Retired or incomplete: None!
SJ Super Junior (under 14)   

The organiser says:

A superb day for us but rather too hot for running, I think. It suited James Parker of Ilkley who stormed round like a startled rabbit (his phrase) in a new record time, seeing off former winners Sean Livesey and Robert Bloor. As the bumper fun book (FRA Calendar) says, "Navigational skills/ local knowledge". The ladies' race sees a new name on the trophy- well done, Yvette!

The turnout overall was a bit disappointing and the committee will turn their minds to finding a solution to this. We have some ideas; watch out for the next FRA Calendar for any changes. Many thanks to all competitors and helpers from me and more importantly from all the young people who benefitted from a grant this year. Keep coming!

Sue Courchee

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