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1990 Results

Long Senior Race
1S Livesey Rossendale52.18
2J Parker Ilkley H.52.40
3K Wright Keighley HR53.44
4W Brindle Horwich RMI53.54
5R Bloor Macclesfield H53.57
6G Watson U/A54.36
7M Falgate Pudsey & Bramley54.45
8L B HutchinsonVClayton 55.15
9J NixonV Achille Ratti 55.41
10B HiltonVLeeds City56.01
11G Read Rochdale56.05
12J Logue Ind57.44
13B Brindle Horwich RMI57.47
14N Church Imperial AC57.48
15T Pollard Keighley HR58.16
16H Dowdall Nidd Valley58.17
17N Clementson Horwich RMI58.18
18R E Whitfield VBingley58.26
19K O'HaraVIlkley H58.28
20A JuddVLeeds City58.29
21G LittleVBingley58.32
22S Harradine Tadcaster H59.20
23J Quine Bolton59.27
24S Addison Clayton59.46
25P CarrVKeighley HR59.48
26L ShawVBlackburn H60.19
27M Balwin U/A60.43
28P Clarke Bingley60.55
29P D Helm Aire60.58
30S G Dick York PSP61.06
31S Robinson Denby Dale T61.10
32A Coulthard Aire61.13
31K RobinsonVBingley61.21
34M SmithVKeighley HR61.27
35I Smith Bolton61.33
36R Schofield Meltham Zero61.38
37P Metcalfe Skipton R R61.50
38M Addison Clayton62.04
39R FutrellVHolmfirth H62.05
40G Damiani Spenboro AC62.07
41C TaylorVClayton62.09
42A Dobson Clayton62.11
43M Williams Ilkley H62.17
44P Bates Leeds City62.18
45K Hopkinson Keighley HR62.22
46S Smith Settle H62.41
47A Hobbs Ilkley H62.45
48P Whitehead Aire62.47
49J Coulthard Aire62.49
50R ShawSVEPOC62.50
51M Hind Nidd Valley62.57
52S HainesLIlkley H62.59
53T Metcalfe Keighley HR63.00
54P Morris Keighley HR63.16
55M Prior Leeds City63.23
56F R Morgan Holmfirth63.30
57G Humble Fellandale63.36
58R HaighVIlkley H63.40
59M Fisher CLOK64.01
60F KewVCraven F R64.05
61K Blades Keighley HR64.10
62M HayesSVDPFR64.12
63Gary Smith Bingley64.14
64M East Rowntrees64.15
65T TargettVClayton64.18
66E StaigLVSettle H64.20
67C S ChoyceVClayton64.21
66M MooreVManchester Un64.31
69D LynnVKeighley HR64.31
70T CockVLeeds City64.33
71P ScanlonVPudsey & Braml64.39
72S Budimir K H R64.41
73I Elsmore Heaton H64.41
74P Brady Clayton64.59
75G BreezeVSkyrac65.04
76K PeartSVGritstone Club65.48
77D Hall U/A65.57
78R Baldwin U/A66.02
79A Budimir Pendle TC66.08
80D J HirdVKeighley HR66.35
81R Pawson Brooksbank c 66.37
82C D MadginVClayton66.43
83K Wilby Fellandale67.01
84I Hill Bingley67.03
85P Jones Aire67.05
86R Staples Aire67.06
87W DoddsLVClayton67.14
88M DunnLVAire67.16
89D L Gibson Wigginton AC 67.19
90W Stevenson Aire67.20
91G HallVIlkley H67.23
92C L RushtonSV Wesham R R67.36
93L NashVClayton67.41
94T E Humble Fellandale67.47
95B Scholes Keighley HR68.07
96P WestSVU/A68.11
97T RobertsVAire68.27
98E R HoareVClayton68.33
99J LochheadLVDenby Dale AC68.34
100J Hodgson Keighley R R68.46
101G Maud Fellandale68.51
102K MitchellSVRotherham H69.09
103L BostockLClayton69.11
104B McGroganVU/A69.13
105G WebsterVValley S69.21
106T Buy Rowntrees69.24
107R R Croft S&C69.30
108E Morley Nidd Valley69.34
109R MercerVKendal AC69.35
110L LordLVClayton69.41
111T Trueman Craven F R70.04
112J P SmithSVBingley70.26
113J Gow U/A70.44
114G Wybranski FRA70.47
115A Cutts Longwodd71.14
116G TweedleLMandale71.15
117R K PorterVIlkley H71.17
118I HillVAire71.32
119J NicholsonLVRowntrees71.33
120M LumgairVAire72.09
121L BagshawVBingley72.42
122P BarwellVU/A73.30
123A Dunbar Keighley 73.47
124P Turpin Aire74.01
125N Jones Pendle74.02
126R CuttsSV Longwodd 74.03
127R ShackletonV Ilkley H74.26
128T CrowtherSV Aire74.28
129R King Aire74.32
130K TonerVKeighley 74.33
131P YatesVHorsforth H75.03
132C BurdenVAire75.13
133M Coffey Bingley76.26
134N Madgin U/A77.18
135M Atkinson Ilkley H77.19
136P Falgate Pudsey & Braml77.51
137P i McWilliam VIlkley H78.06
1381 WhalleyVClayton78.22
139K ElsmoreLNorthern 78.24
140R G Smith U/A78.25
141J RichardsSVSROC79.48
142H AllenLVAire80.10
143L PottertonLEPOC80.34
144J MasonSVAire81.36
145S ArmitageVKeighley 83.38
146P Buckley Keighley 85.02
147B ThompsonSVAire86.59
148R I HarpurVCFR87.14
149A J BallSVClayton87.49
150D Hickman Aire91.51
151D Cattanach Keighley 100.17
152I WilkeyVAire103.20
 M Griffin Keighley Rtd
 C John AireRtd
 K Ashworth ClaytonRtd
 J Brown AireRtd
 F wheelerVBingleyRtd
 J BuglerLOldham & RoytonRtd
 A Paul AireRtd
Short Senior Race
1L Spencer K.R.R.35.16
2I Eglen Bingley35.25
3B KilnerVLeeds City40.00
4V Whitehead Keighley HR40.01
5M Thompson Keighley HR45.16
6K WhalleySVAire45.56
7M Smith Aire47.11
8C RoseLAire48.04
9J RostronLVAire48.27
10F RossVAire48.44
11B DohertyLValley S51.00
12E RoseLAire53.49
13E Doherty  55.43
Junior Race
1M Whitfield Bingley10.41
2R Moss Bingley11.01
3A Atkinson Keighley HR11.10
4B Elsworth Keighley HR11.12
5B Woods Keighley HR12.00
6S Brown Keighley HR12.19
7T Griffin Keighley HR12.31
8J Marchant Bingley12.34
9R Ashdown Keighley HR12.49
10S Harrison Pendle13.11
11S Briqgs Keighley HR13.12
12M Hilton Leeds City13.20
13D Wilby St Theresa's 13.40
14S Robinson Blackburn13.46
15T HirdLKeighley HR14.03
16G Hird Keighley HR14.15
17D Scholes Keighley HR14.33
18H ShawLEPOC15.15
19I Cox Aire15.36
20L BrindleLHorwich17.00
21M Hird Keighley HR17.05
22J Morris Keighley HR17.51
23A GibsonLWissington20.06
24K MooreLMan.Utd. 36.15

Thanks to all the helpers, both in the hall and in the 'field'. How splendid it was to see so many juniors. Let's hope this is the fore taste of future years. Congratulations to Shaun Livesey on his record even though it was only an improvement of seconds, and congratulations to Sarah Haines on her record which was in improvement of two minutes. Just shows what having a family does for you!!
We sponsored eight young people this year to go to all the corners of the world. So thank you to all competitors for coming and enabling us to sponsor young people again next year. From them thank you to all helpers and runners.
See you all next year, September 7th.

Sue Courchee

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