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Ilkley MoorΒ 

Unfortunately the 2021 race is cancelled, we will be organising a virtual race instead. More details to follow.

To all our loyal runners of the annual Jack Bloor Races 
Hello! Hope you’re all faring well during this challenging time 
 Alas, the 35th annual Jack Bloor Races will have to wait until next year when we hope to see you ont’Moor on the evening of Tuesday 11 May 2021 Meanwhile, thanks for your long-time support. If you feel able to donate all or part of your 2020 race entry fee to the Jack Bloor Fund that would be most appreciated.

Donations can be made via: https://www.gofundme.com/f/jack-bloor-memorial-fund  The Fund has accepted several applications from young people this year although their various endeavours are currently on hold. We continue to welcome applications and will be promoting this opportunity further as outdoor adventure gets going again  Thank you and stay safe From the Trustees of the Jack Bloor Memorial Fund 

All monies from the Jack Bloor Races go to the Jack Bloor Memorial Fund (more info here), however we wish to raise additional sums to support more of the many quality applications received by the Fund each year.    

Records: Greg Hull 38.04 (2007) and Jemima Elgood 45:19 (2019)

start 2007 race
Start of the race

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The Jack Bloor Races are supported by

The Jack Bloor Memorial Fund is available to all young Yorkshire sportspeople

The background image on this page is taken from the original trophy, inspired by the Swastika rock carving at checkpoint two